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1. Umbrella

Umbrella Fabrics manufactured by us are specially designed for Domestic to Commercial uses which are very much suitable for manufacturing balcony or porch shades, small to large umbrellas, etc. Furthermore it is highly demanded for commercial applications such as outdoor eating areas for restaurants, cafes, etc. and also helpful to hawkers and vendors.


2. Luggage

Luggage Fabrics are highly demanded by the manufacturers of hand bags, luggage bags, school bags, wallets, clutches, Bag Straps & Buckles, etc. Because of its material strength, high durability, tear resistance and water proofing quality, it is highly suitable for luggage or bags manufacturing which can be used for both indoor & outdoor applications.

Tents & Outdoor Fabrics

3. Tents & Outdoor Fabrics

Our Tents & Outdoor Fabrics are perfectly suitable for almost all kinds conditions & whether, largely being used for Family outing, various camps & trips. It is a perfect solution for the Industries manufacturing various indoor & Outdoor Tents, tarpaulins, awnings, sunshades, covers(for cars, boat, ground pitches, pool, etc), packaging materials, etc.

Backpack Fabric

4. Backpack Fabric

Backpack Fabrics manufactured by us are highly demanded by many industries manufacturing Travel Backpacks, Hike Packs, Daypacks, Hybrid Backpacks, Shoulder Bags, Trolley Bags and other Backpacking accessories. Backpack Fabrics are specially fabricated for rough use so very much durable.

Armed Forces

5. Armed Forces

With rugged construction & protective features these fabrics are used for manufacturing Apparels (like Rain-wear, Rain Ponchos, Jackets, Uniforms), Carry-ons (like Backpacks, Pouches, Covers, Packs, Hydration packs), Gears (like sleeping bags, Light weight tents, Gloves & Accessories), Covers (like Truck covers Tarpaulin, Jeep Covers, Tents) and Foot-wears.

Sports & Leisure

6. Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure Fabrics are engineered with advanced techniques for high strength, durability and optimum performance which is highly acclaimed for manufacturing Playground inflatables, flexible pools, playground mats, punching bags, raft boats, horse blankets, etc.